The Best 72 Days Dumbbell Workout Training for Ultimate Results



  1. 72 Days of Detailed Training
  2. 100+ Dumbbell Exercises
  3. Suitable for All Fitness Levels.
  4. Focus on each muscle group.
  5. Examples of Macros
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If you have got a set of dumbbells at home but don’t have a workout plan, you may not work out as effectively and systemically as you could with a workout program.

You’ll find myriad dumbbell workout plans online, but they are only for a short duration, such as a week or month. And the most confusing part, they are different from one another.

However, this program is comprehensive that includes 72 days of detailed training, 100+ dumbbell exercises, and a combination of high and low rep ranges.

So, if you just want something that works and fits into your busy life, give this program a try.

About Program:

This 12-week dumbbell workout plan includes different splits, such as full-body workout, push/pull/legs split, upper/lower split, and Bro split.

It is structured in a way that can help you improve your fitness and body composition and keep you motivated.

Equipment Require: Dumbbells and a Flexible Workout Bench

Training Goal: Strength and Muscle Building

Frequency: 3-6 Days a week (depending on your fitness level)

Duration of one session: 45 to 60 minutes

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  1. 72 Days of Detailed Training
  2. 100+ Dumbbell Exercises
  3. Suitable for All Fitness Levels.
  4. It will help you develop strength, endurance, mobility, and muscle mass over time.
  5. Focus on each muscle group, from chest to calves.
  6. Examples of Macros
  7. Combination of High and Low Rep Ranges.

This workout program incorporates different ranges from high to low, such as the 4-8, 8-12 zone, and 12-20 zone. The study suggests that low rep sets help to grow muscle mainly through mechanical tension, whereas high rep sets promote muscle growth primarily through metabolic stress. So the combination of high reps and heavy weight low reps will help you increase your strength and hypertrophy.

Why should you get it?

  • This is a detailed workout program that includes 72 days of training. Depending on your fitness level, you can finish this within 3 to 6 months.
  • This program allows you to train at your own pace. For example, you can work out three to six days a week based on your lifestyle and fitness level.
  • You’ll get priority chat support for 12 weeks with this program because my motive isn’t only selling but also serving.
  • It helps you keep fit and motivated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Who can follow this program?

Those who work out at home, particularly with dumbbells, can follow this program.

This workout plan is structured in a way that people of all age groups and fitness levels can use it.

Whether you’re a male or female, beginner or intermediate, it will help you improve your overall fitness and body composition.

What equipment do I need to do this program?

A set of light to heavy dumbbells and a flexible workout bench.

About me:

It’s important to know about the person who is selling this program because it’s good for credibility, transparency, and connection.

I’m Murshid Akram, a fitness blogger and personal trainer. I run my own website where I publish helpful fitness content.


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